Living Table Centerpieces


Living Table Centerpieces

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For budgets that don’t meet our minimum for Full Floral Design services, we are happy to offer beautiful, unique, organic flower arrangements from our streamlined A La Carte menu. The A La Carte package is perfect for clients who love our signature fresh from the garden style, and trust us to make the final design decisions on specific flowers, colors, and vessels. We'll create a unique floral design based on what inspires you, and arrange your flowers with the best of what’s growing the week of your wedding or special event.

Our Living Table Centerpieces are unique designs for plant lovers. Living plants are long-lasting and make wonderful favors for guests to take home. We create custom combinations of potted plants, succulents, greenery, and/or herbs based on the style choices listed in your A La Carte Wedding Questionnaire.

Small: Perfect for 48” rounds. Modestly sized for 60” rounds and 6’ banquet tables, and may need to be supplemented with other decor. We recommend placing 2 on 8’ farm tables. Examples: 2-3 potted plants + 2-3 bud vases with ferns and foliage; 8” diameter succulent garden, tropical plant garden, or herb garden + 2-3 small potted plants; large potted orchid

Luxe: Perfect for 60” rounds, 6’ banquet tables, and 8’ farm tables. Examples: 3-4 potted plants + bud vases with ferns and foliage; 18” mixed tropical planter; assortment of potted herbs; centerpiece with orchids

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