Flower subscriptions

Hi friends! Sorry for the longtime absence. If I had been updating the shop's progress it would have looked like this: paperwork, paperwork, City Hall, paperwork, bank, City Hall... ad infinitum.

Things are rolling along though! It's true that things really do take longer than you plan for them to: I had originally hoped to be ready to open sometime in late March, but now it looks like the first week of April might be more realistic. No worries though—it'll happen when it happens.

There is some exciting news—Pine State Flowers is now accepting sign-ups for weekly flower subscriptions. You can sign up for 4, 8, or 12 weeks, and each week you will receive a large and beautiful bouquet of flowers to pick up at the shop. Go to the website to learn more about what flowers to expect this spring, and to sign up: www.pinestateflowers.com/subscriptions.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks as more services are added (such as custom arrangements), plus more information about the flower growers, and an announcement of the opening date!


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