Beautiful anemones have been bountiful lately. I've had a steady supply of them from Wild Scallions Farm this year, and they will continue to be plentiful through late winter. They're small when closed but gorgeous when they open, long-lasting as a cut flower, and are one of the most requested flowers for weddings this time of year. 

Anemones are also called the windflower; an early naturalist described them as opening only when the wind blew. The species name of anemones is coronaria since they were used in wreaths and crowns in ancient Greece (I've never used them in flower crowns before but now I want to try!). 

There are many many myths and legends about anemones. In ancient Greece, red anemones sprang out of Adonis's blood and white ones sprang out of Aphrodite's tears as she cried over him. Anemone was also the name of a nymph who was loved by Zephyr, god of the west wind, but was turned into a flower by the jealous goddess of flowers and was cursed to finish blooming before spring. They have been associated with the blood of Christ, the cross, the scarlet robes of Soloman, with disease (probably because one type is poisonous), and as charms to protect from disease. In the Victorian language of flowers, the anemone symbolizes forsakenness, brevity, and expectation.

I usually don't have the time to learn as much as flowers as I want, but this year taking the time to learn a little flower lore and history will be a personal treat!


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