Snow Days... and Hiring!

Back to work

Deliveries finally restarted last Tuesday. I thought I would feel rusty, but actually having a few weeks off has helped me feel calmer and more creative (and I'm not battling the constant rush of holiday season). There isn't a very wide variety of flowers available from farms—pretty much just lilies, anemones, and paperwhites—but it has been fun supplementing with whatever I have around. Mostly some paperwhites of my own, hellebores and eucalyptus from the farm, and some of last year's dried flowers (especially amaranth, larkspur, and safflower). 

The past couple of weeks have been a rush to move the front room to the next level: last year I focused all of my energy on deliveries and flower arranging, and opened the shop to the public just two days a week. This year though, I really want to make the flower shop as beautiful as it should be. By the time the weather warms up (hopefully sooner! although as a really old building the heat situation is not tight) the shop should have something close to regular retail hours. In addition to the flowers and the selection of local gifts that have always been in the front room, there will be lots and lots more plants—succulents, herbs, potted plants of all varieties grown in North Carolina. I'll be announcing a collaboration with an independent ceramicist soon, and some beautiful containers will be made in-house. 

With all of this expanding, there needs to be more hands on deck, so the shop is hiring for someone who is able to create floral designs and work as shop associate (plus carpenter, plus delivery driver, plus farmhand, and the million other jobs involved with small businesses). More info here.

Happy snow days!


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