The shop has (re)opened!

Hi friends -- exciting news! The shop has officially started full time hours this week: Tuesday through Sunday!

For the past couple of years, I've worked hard to make Pine State Flowers a successful floral studio for weddings and events, and a delivery service in the Durham area. The delivery service has been especially near and dear to my heart—so many arrangements have gone out celebrating love, friends, new babies, and other momentous occasions. I've handwritten letters of grief, sorrow, and sympathy. In other words, delivering flowers goes right to the heart of the power of giving flowers to show someone you care.

But now, I'm ready to turn my attention to the little flower shop, this gem that was built in the 30s and somehow has survived all of the changes in Lakewood. The shop will carry flowers—small bouquets to bring home, as well as larger arrangements for special occasions. In addition, we have a wonderful selection of houseplants and other goodies perfect for those in need of a gift (who says you can't gift yourself?!). As usual, the vast majority of everything sold in the shop is locally and sustainably made. And—on top of that!—in the next few weeks we will be receiving beautiful handmade ceramics from makers across the country. Learn more about current and upcoming products in the shop.

Thank you to everyone for the support; it is still a rarity for a full time flower shop to source 100% locally. Your enthusiasm helps this venture grow.

So -- come by and say hi!
Tuesday—Friday 10-7
Saturday 9-4
Sunday 10-3



Pine State Flowers, 2001 Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC, 27707, United States

Owner and founder of Pine State Flowers in Durham, NC.