Flowers by the Bucket (April–October only)


Flowers by the Bucket (April–October only)

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Flowers by the bucket are perfect for the DIY couple who want beautiful, locally grown flowers on a budget. Pine State Flowers has the pleasure of sourcing from several local farms, so we can source as many fresh, local flowers as you need while also keeping in mind your preferred color palette.

Each flower bucket contains 1/3 focal flowers, 1/3 filler flowers, and 1/3 foliages for easy arranging. Grab some friends and family and have fun! We recommend picking up buckets 1-2 days before your event to give yourself plenty of time to arrange. Flowers will last as long as they are in clean water, and out of heat and direct sunlight.

The number of centerpieces you can get out of a bucket widely varies depending on your containers and arranging style, therefore we really can't tell you how many you should order for your wedding. On average, a bucket should provide enough for 5 mason jars, or 3 medium centerpieces. It is your responsibility to order enough (never hurts to order an extra just in case!).

Please note!
-We do not take requests for specific flowers since we cannot guarantee availability. Buckets are created on a color palette basis only, keeping in mind your preferences and the range of seasonal colors available at any given time.
-We cannot tailor the buckets for particular uses, ie DIY boutonnieres, corsages, floral garlands, and arbors. The flowers included are meant to be used for any arranging purposes that keep them in fresh water.
-Due to seasonal availability, buckets are available during the local high growing season only: April–October.

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Photograph © Riley MacLean Photography