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Welcome! My name is Maggie Smith, and I’m the owner and founder of Pine State Flowers. The shop is the first flower shop in North Carolina to specialize in locally grown flowers, and is located in the historic Roll’s Florist building that was built in the 30s.

In 2014 I found myself stuck between jobs, without a lot of opportunities, but filled with the urge to strike out and create something of my own. The historic Roll’s Florist building was on my street and had been empty for many years, when all of a sudden a For Rent sign popped up in front of it! I called that day, signed a lease within a week and, without any money or experience with flowers, began creating Pine State Flowers. The beginning was a struggle—the building was in disrepair, my wife and I lived on her 20K scholarship money for two years, and without ever having worked in a flower shop I needed to learn everything from scratch. To make things work I worked a second job at a restaurant, which meant 16 hour workdays, and sold flowers out of the back of my pickup truck around town on the weekends.

Fast forward 5 years and the shop has grown so much. It employs a small team and is currently the biggest buyer of local flowers in the area. I am constantly amazed and grateful for the support we have been given from the community.

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The main goals of Pine State Flowers are to support local flower farmers and good land stewardship, connect customers with locally grown flowers, and create a neighborhood space.

Pine State Flowers continues to be the only flower shop in North Carolina to specialize in locally grown flowers; and to date has put over $225,000 in the hands of local farmers.

So, if you love flowers, plants, farmers, independent makers, history, or just want a breath of fresh air, I hope you’ll come by and say hi!



Special thanks and love to the people who have contributed, donated, helped, supported, advised, and been part of the progress of the shop: Monica Bintz, Collier Reeves and Maryah Smith-Overman (Homegrown City Farms), Dave Fruchtenicht, Katy Stencel, Lee Moore Crawford (lee attracting birds and bees), Audrey Bell, Mike Dawson (Mike Dawson Electric), Scott Brennan (Alternative Aire), Crop Mob, Leah Cook and Mark Thomas (Wild Hare Farm), Audrey Harris, Phoebe Judge, Sarah Davis, Donna Myers, EB Landesburg, Nate Tarr and Krystal Black, Leon and Areli (Cocoa Cinnamon), anyone else I missed (sorry!), and especially all of the *flower farmers*! Infinite gratitude for your advice and patience. —Maggie

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