Seasonal Floral Design {April 7 • 10AM–12PM}

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Seasonal Floral Design {April 7 • 10AM–12PM}


Come learn everything you need to get started working from field to vase! At Pine State Flowers, we believe beautiful floral design is a distillation of the seasons and natural landscape. In this workshop, we will talk about the fundamentals of floral design, as well as how to incorporate seasonal elements and locally grown flowers into your work. Participants will create a centerpiece (that you can take home with you!).

In this workshop, you will learn:
–How to process and care for your flowers
–Fundamentals of visual design with flowers
–How to order and create floral recipes
–How to draw inspiration from the seasons
–Bonus tips on foraging!

Price of the workshop includes a vessel, clippers, materials, and flowers.

Sunday, April 7
at Pine State Flowers