You want your food chemical free—why not your flowers?

Pine State Flowers is North Carolina's first exclusively local flower shop.
Using local flowers strengthens the local economy, supports small farms using organic growing practices, and reduces waste.

Sending flowers is a token of love—make the sustainable choice.


Now Open!

The retail shop is open full time hours, Tuesday through Sunday.
Come check out our flower bar, houseplants, and selection of handcrafted goods.



The majority of flowers sold in this country are imported, usually from South America, creating a trail of waste, packaging, and chemicals. By sourcing local, organic flowers, flower shops and independent designers can support small family farms while being environmentally friendly. 


Pine State Flowers is located in the historic Roll's Florist, established in 1899. From one of the largest floral suppliers in the Southeast, to a small independent shop sourcing locally, the shop embodies the history of the American flower movement of the past 115 years.


The studio specializes in organic, seasonal arrangements. Local flowers tell a unique story about your special day. Whether your style is traditional, modern, or a little wild, Pine State Flowers can make sure your special day is gorgeous, environmentally friendly, and completely unique.


Header photograph © Samantha Leonetti